Our baby, Charles, never seemed to like sleep! He struggled badly with reflux and we just couldn’t settle him in his moses basket. At three and a half months Charles could only nap on walks in the sling, and was waking at least every 45 minutes in the night. I was completely exhausted, and Charles constantly over tired.

Diane planned a daytime nap routine for us to follow, with techniques for settling Charles so that he could take those naps in his cot. For a full week Diane was at the end of the phone at all hours as we got to grips with the routine. Two weeks on and Charles is now napping every day in his cot, and last night slept 7pm to 7am through the night without waking!!

Working with Diane has quite literally changed our lives, we now have the energy to actually enjoy our baby! We can’t recommend her highly enough.

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