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Night Nanny

Diane has helped us for 6weeks now, she is a reassuring presence. Guiding us through those first few hazy days.
Diane met us at home on our first day back from Northampton general hospital.
It was such a comfort to know she would be there waiting for us.
She stayed with us for the first 72hrs, then looked after our son, 3 nights a week.
I never felt as though Diane was taking over,
My husband & I felt safe to sleep & recover
Knowing our son was being cared for.
Sleep deprivation is overwhelming, I spent the first 3months in a daze with my first child.
Having a Maternity nurse/ night nanny,eliminates this.
Diane was also able to gentle stir my son into a lovely routine, her knowledge and understanding helped us through some tricker times too.
Don’t hesitate, invested in sleep 💤

Kristina & mark73086EC2-0498-43CD-87B5-2FD39C055939

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