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Help your child adjust to the clock change


In two weeks the clocks go forward by an hour, if your child is an early waker, then losing an hour of the night may be a good thing for you as 5am suddenly becomes 6am this may be just temporary, as within a few days, most babies adapt to the new time.

If you are happy with your child’s current sleep routine and want to keep things as they are, here are some tips:

* A week before the time change, start to put your child to bed 10 minutes earlier than usual, increasing by 10 minutes every night until Saturday night when you put them to bed at 6pm. So they are ready for the change.

* You will need to adjust nap times too, 10mins per day. So your routine stays on track.

* Now is the time to put up some black out blinds, if you haven’t already. Each night before bath time go up stairs and close the curtains. So upstairs is quiet & sleepy zone.

* You may find your child wakes a little earlier, because you are putting them to bed earlier. Don’t worry this will balance out when the clocks go forward. If they are happy in their cot/bed in the mornings leave them be & try to increase this by 10mins each morning. Obliviously if they are upset get them up.

This can be a tricky time, if you need help please call me

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