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Gave us tips that we hadn’t heard of before

“We have struggled with my 4 year old daughter since birth to try and get her into a sleep routine. We spoke with drs, health visitors as well as numerous Google hits for tips. Lotti is our fourth child so we are experienced parents but had never dealt with this before. Typically it would take my daughter 2-2.5 hours to get her to sleep, her routine was to fall asleep cuddling us in our bed watching a film then when she was asleep we would move her to her bed, she got up throughout the night and got back in bed with us. We couldn’t continue like this so we called Diane.

She gave us tips that we hadn’t heard of before and gave us tasks for bedtime and gave support for a week. We started the week leaving lotti at 9pm and within 7 days she now goes to sleep in her bed at 8pm, if she gets up in the night she returns to her bed and sleeps there. We are amazed at how quickly the new routine worked and Lotti seems very receptive to it. We have finally got a life back in the evenings, we don’t know what to do with ourselves! Thank You Diane for your help and support x”

Sarah Barham, May 2015

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