Family Sleep Consultant - Diane Pawsey

Hello my name is Diane. Based in Northampton, I am a qualified maternity nurse and gentle sleep coach. I have been working with children for over 25 years. I specialise in helping parents establish good sleep associations for babies and children under 5, in a gentle but effective way.

Every living creature needs sleep. It is the primary activity of the brain during early development. Circadian rhythms , or the sleep-wake cycle, are regulated by light and dark and these rhythms take time to develop, resulting in the irregular sleep schedules of newborns. The rhythms begin to develop at about six weeks, and by three to six months most infants have a regular sleep-wake cycle.

By the age of two, most children have spent more time asleep than awake and overall, a child will spend 40 percent of his or her childhood asleep. Sleep is especially important for children as it directly impacts mental and phsyical development


Diane held our hands & guided us through. When our daughter turned 6 months old her sleep routine changed overnight. All of a sudden she wouldn’t settle and woke on average every 3 hours. After 4 weeks of sleep deprivation I contacted Diane. She talked …Read More

I contacted Diane when our 15 month old daughter was still getting up in the night for 3 bottle feeds and then waking at 5am for the day. I also couldn’t get her to nap in the day without taking her for a walk or …Read More

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